Agriturismo Siena - Olio extravergine d'oliva
Agriturismo Siena - Olio extravergine d'oliva

The Renello Farm in Tuscany

The Farm Renello, located in Trequanda (Siena - Tuscany), is specialized in the cultivation of olive trees.
A careful selection of varieties typical Tuscan was curated by the owner, expert Doctor Agronomist. Each variety were planted in various plots company so that it can be handled in a different way. Today the Farm Renello is one of the most important companies in the oil sector of Tuscany.
- The 'Renello' olive oil is produced exclusively with olives groves of its sites in Trequanda (Siena - Tuscany).
- The olives are harvested in advance at the beginning of veraison (color change).
- The olive harvest is done for single variety, following the physiological maturity.
- The pressing is performed daily maximum 8-10 hours after beginning the collection.
- The extraction of the oil is solely with mechanical procedures.
- We use plants to cold with temperature control.
- To prevent oxidation we make a reasoned kneading in a controlled atmosphere.
- The oil is extracted with a continuous centrifuge, where we manage the speed and the placing of product.
- The oils are poured after a week from the extraction and then bottled.
- Normalente no operation is performed filtering (thus a slight deposit on the bottom is quite natural).


Farm Holidays Renello Tuscany
Podere Renello 73- Sp57 km 2,5
53020 Trequanda (SI)

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