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Val d'Orcia Val d'Orcia fuses art, landscape and ecosystem in one geographical space, and is the expression of a series of marvelous natural characteristics. It is also the result of and testament to the people that has long-inhabited it. In fact, according to UNESCO this Valley is an exceptional exemplar of the way in which a natural setting was redesigned during the Renaissance (14th-15th Centuries), reflecting the ideals of good governance in the Italian City-State. Additionally, these splendid localities were celebrated by the painters of the Sienese School, which flourished between the 13th and 15th Centuries.
Maremma Toscana This ancient land, keeper of infinite legends and precious treasures, was a refuge for pirates and bandits in harsh and hostile times. Today it is the tourists who invade and discover the fascinating natural surroundings, still wild and uncontaminated. The footpaths that meander, revealing landscapes, each one different from the other, but all of equal splendour have been immortalised many times by film directors.
Amiata Park. On the slopes of Monte Amiata, a volcano which formerly gave signs of sufferance by blowing out threatening clouds of ash and erupting streams of lava, now grows luxurious nature, home of many species of animals and plants.
Tuscan Archipelago National Park. Seen from above these islands look like a gemstones on a turquoise veil, just like the legend which syas they are pearls fallen from the necklace of Venere. Rather than pearls they seem more like emeralds due to the luscious vegetation that covers these seven rocky islands, each one different from the other in size, geological origin, and history.


  • Siena - 53 km
  • Montepulciano - 17 km
  • Pienza - 23 km
  • Montalcino - 35 km
  • San Quirico d'Orcia - 34 km
  • Cortona - 33 km
  • Rapolano Terme - 23 km
  • Arezzo - 48 km
  • Florence - 109 km
  • Perugia - 74 km
  • Castiglione del Lago - 39 km

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